Tudor is a bold architectural style known for its likeness to the medieval buildings of England. The Tudor house style includes several defining labels such as Elizabethan, Cotswold, and Jacobean evident in its revival period in America from the 1890s through the early 1930s.

Traditional Tudor architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries used true timber structural supports which extended through the walls, and which required stucco to fill the space between the timbers, giving us the timbered gables seen today. Characteristics of modern Tudor house design include clustered chimney stacks with intricate designs, topped with decorative chimney pots. Other design traits include steeply-pitched gables and roofs, and tall window bays with groupings of casement windows fit with diamond-pane leaded glass.

This regal design style makes a bold statement which demands attention in any residential setting. Our Tudor designs are characterized by masonry facades, stucco highlights, with timber columns and details on dormers. Rich materials, and impressive massing, combine to display a confident façade of timeless design.