Prairie Style architecture was brought to life in the 20th century and was conceived by a group of architects known as the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright was the most known member of this group and is acknowledged as the master of Prairie house style.

Prairie architecture gives emphasis to horizontal lines with stone banding and hipped roofs with very wide overhanging eaves. The Prairie home design was adapted for the rolling prairie terrain in the Midwest. They are often two stories in height with light coloured brick facades or stucco & wood. Windows are usually casement, arranged in groups, and often feature stained glass in geometric pattern designs. Other features include massive square or rectangular masonry columns, piers and chimneys.

Our Prairie Style homes re-adapt design ques from Frank Lloyd Wright’s later work called ‘mid carrier work’ with the known Prairie Style, creating a fresh look with familiar styling. The exterior facade of our Prairie Style homes are grounded with large masonry planters allowing the house to reach up to the intricate roof expanding out from the walls. A modern statement is made with this style which makes our prairie style stands out.