The Mediterranean Style architecture is known in North America as Mediterranean Revival and encompasses an eclectic range of styles including Spanish Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Beaux-Arts, Italian Renaissance and Venetian Gothic Architecture. These Mediterranean style homes imitate the flavor of the Mediterranean region without directly imitating one specific style.

The signature stucco façade with low-pitched tiled roofs & minimal overhangs are the typical calling card for this Mediterranean Style.  Characteristics of a Mediterranean Style House includes numerous arches throughout the facade, elaborate front doors, spiral columns or pilasters and beautifully carved stonework. Wood or wrought iron balconies with window grills are often added to second story balconies.

Our Mediterranean Style Homes are often found in lush well manicured gardens with courtyards bringing us back to the old country. The distinctive Mediterranean style is set apart from most other architecture styles and makes a statement of diversity in any setting.