French Country

Rooted in the sunny hillsides of France, French Country style exudes a rustic warmth full of charm. This architectural style reflects a wealth of diversity. Old and new, formal and informal, elements are combined in houses ranging from humble cottages to grand chateaus. The French Country style was developed from the modest farmhouses and cottage retreats, and design elements such as curved arches, soft lines and stonework typical of the facade’s style, were enhanced and incorporated into grander buildings.

Common characteristics of this design are Stucco and brick exteriors with steep roof pitches at varying heights. Curved roof pitches are also sometimes incorporated in one or two locations. These homes are usually two stories in height with high roof lines with large chimneys sloped at the base. Other common elements include tall, thin windows, often with slat-board shutters, multiple gables, and assorted arches. Stucco and stone are frequently used, trimmed with painted timbers, window planter boxes, wrought iron railings and brick highlights around windows and doors. Inside, exposed wood beams, plaster walls and stone floors are common features.

Our French Country style combines the best of old world elegance with modern comfortable interiors. The elevations of our French Country Homes reflect these time honored elements, while the floor plans incorporate modern design features for the way we live in this century. Our French Country style conveys a sense of timeless luxury and style without ostentation. The distinctive use of natural elements, deliberate lines and soft faded colours creates an elegant and comfortable home.