The Craftsman style home is a house reduced to it’s simplest form and utilizes the very structure carrying the building elements to decorate it. The simplicity of the architecture makes the design easily adaptable to any setting.

Craftsman house plans are known for their relaxed, simple, and informal look. The use and careful blend of local natural building materials is paramount in achieving the ideas of the arts and crafts style. The Craftsman home style can be implemented on any size house plan – one or two story.  The Arts and Crafts style or Craftsman house plans all share unifying elements and design features. These elements include: A low pitched roof (gabled or hipped), extended eave overhang with exposed rafter tails, the use of brackets at gables, windows with divided panes in the upper sash and a single pane in the lower sash, medium to large front porches with square columns that may be full length or resting on a base. The columns are sometimes tapered (wide at the base and slightly narrower at the top). These are some of the main features of craftsman home plans.

Our Craftsmen style is tailored for the builder of today but respects the architectural style by keeping the feel of the style alive. The designs display what true craftsmanship can accomplish and maintain modern home requirements. We have adjusted these craftsmen qualities to other aspects allowing the home to retain it’s simple styling for today’s lifestyle.