Contemporary and Modern architecture breaks away from cookie-cutter design and traditions. Modernist architecture takes inspiration from land and is meant to showcase the setting. This style is typically free from distractions or unnecessary elements and is a house taken down to it’s bare essentials. “Less is More” and “Form follows function” are common motto’s for this design, which if followed, creates simplicity and clarity in every selection.

There are varying degrees of Modernism, some designs follow strict sense of true Minimalism, while others prefer to incorporate the minimalist aesthetics of Modernism in conjunction with their own personal style. Modern designs have a strong linear elements and bold horizontal and vertical features.  Beams, posts, cutouts, windows, staircases, fireplaces, roof lines, and other structural elements all assist in creating a linear-inspired space. Prairie style is a form of modern architecture and has many of the same elements that are in keeping with modern architecture.

Our modern designs are a good representation of the theory behind the architecture. The style is very diversified and we have the opportunity to be as creative as our client wishes. There is great possibilities for settings in the Windsor/Essex regions; bluffs, woodland and miles of water front property are terrific inspiration for the style. We are not bound to anything from the past and contemporary architecture is as limitless as contemporary art.